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Korea United Pharm. Inc. has

Developed various new pharmeceutical drugs and has a strong market position in the industry. In 2017, we built a smart factory that certified us of having state of the art technology capable of creating high quality pharmeceutical products.



  • CLANZA CR Tab.


Korea United Pharm. Inc. has

Entered the Pharmaceutical Export industry in early 1990s. As a result, we are exporting anticancer drugs, vitamins and finished drugs to over 40 different countries. We hold subsidiaries in Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Thailand. In Vietnam, we hold a local factory corporation.

  • Export to over 40 Countries

  • Overseas offices in 5 countries

  • Vietnam Local Factory


Korea United Pharm. Inc.
research institute

We possess the highest level of pharmaceutical technology in Korea will continuously lead the Pharmeceutical R&D through ongoing effort and development.

  • Research based on knowledge

  • Combination with other technologies

  • User-oriented Research


Korea United Pharm. Inc.

Korea United Pharm. Inc. is committed to 'Corporate Social Responsibility', which divides corporate values through various social contribution activities and gives back to society. Our management philosophy is based on the metaphor, "like a giant tree' providing shade and shelter."

  • Arts & Culture Support

  • Global Social Contribution

  • Spreading a Bright Culture


Korea United Pharm. Inc.

We produce over 200 kinds of medicial drugs, including 30 kinds of anticancer drugs and specialty drugs(circulating solvent, digestion solvent, antibiotics, contrast agent, etc.) and general pharmaceutical products(multivitamins, nourishing medicines, etc.) that are not only distributed domestically but also exported internationally to over 40 different countries.

  • Anti – Cancer Drug

  • Prescription Drug

  • OTC Drug



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At Korea United Pharm. Inc. we are doing our best to promote a healthy life for our customers with a strong mindset that continously strives for the better.

  • 40


    Operating in 48 countrieswith differentiated technology

  • 1ST


    Asia's first inhaler dedicated automation plant. Korea's first PIC/s GMP Certified Vietnam Factory.

  • NO.1


    Korean New Drug Development Technology Award

  • $20M


    Titled top exporter with over $20 million in exports


Korea United Pharm. Inc. is contributing to
various social contribution activities.



Korea United Pharm, Inc. is always looking for various
opinions that everyone can benefit mutually.



Korea United Pharm. Inc. and Company(Hereinafter referred to as “Company” make public this privacy policy and other matters related to personal information processing; and guarantee the data subject rights, such as the right to access their personal information pursuant to 『PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION ACT』 Article 30.

개인정보 취급방침 테이블 표
Article 1.
The purposes for which personal information is processed

Where any of the following subparagraphs applies, Company may use personal information or provide it to a third party for the provided purposes, unless it is likely to infringe on unfairly the interest of a data subject or third party:

1.1. Company collects personal information for the purpose of accepting personal identification and technical information suggestions as well as managing proposals according to the use of the homepage service, and will seek prior consent when the purpose of use is changed.

1.2. Company collects personal information where special provisions exist in other laws.

Article 2.
The period for processing and retaining personal information

Company will destroy personal information without delay when the personal information becomes unnecessary owing to the expiry of the retention period, attainment of the purpose of processing the personal information, etc.: Provided, That this will not apply where the retention of such personal information is mandatory by other statutes.

Article 3.
Providing personal information to a third party

3.1. Company may provide (or share; hereinafter the same will apply) the personal information of a data subject to a third party in any of the following circumstances:

A. Where the consent is obtained from the data subject;
B. Where the personal information is provided within the scope of purposes for which it is collected pursuant to Article 1

3.2. Company will inform a data subject of the matters provided for in this policy, and obtain the consent from the data subject in order to provide personal information to a third party overseas; and will not enter into a contract for the cross-border transfer of personal information in violation of this policy.

Article 4.
Outsourcing personal information processing

Company will, in case of outsourcing the promotion of goods or services, or soliciting of sales thereof, notify data subjects of the outsourced work and the outsourcee in the manners prescribed by this policy.

Article 5.
The rights and obligations of data subjects and legal representatives, and how to exercise the rights

5.1. A data subject has the following rights in relation to the processing of his/her own personal information: The right to confirm the processing of such personal information, and to request access (including the provision of copies; hereinafter the same applies) to such personal information; The right to suspend the processing of, and to access to personal information, request a correction, erasure, and destruction of such personal information

5.2. A person who can represent a data subject will be any of the following: A legal representative of the data subject; A person delegated by the data subject.

5.3. Upon receipt of the access request the personal information correction or erasure request or the personal information processing suspension request under Article 5.1 (hereafter referred to as "Access Request, etc."), Company will confirm whether the person who has submitted the Access Request, etc. is the principal or the duly authorized representative.

Article 6.
Particulars of personal information to be processed

Company may process of personal information about:

A. Name, Contact Information, E-Mail, Company, County(State)/City, Cookie, IP, Log

B. Where special provisions exist in other laws.

Article 7.
Matters concerning destruction of personal information

7.1. Company will retain and manage personal information until the relevant personal information is destroyed

7.2. Company will destroy person information by any of the following methods:

A. Personal information in electronic files will be permanently erased not to restore data;
B. Other records, printouts, paper documents, and media containing personal information, other than those referred to in subparagraph 1, will be shredded or incinerated

Article 8.
Matters concerning measures to ensure the safety of personal information

Company will take the following measures to ensure safety:

A. To formulate and implement an internal management plan for the safe processing of personal information;

B. To adopt encryption technology to safely store and transmit personal information and other equivalent measures;

C. To take physical measures, such as a storage to keep personal information safely or a locking system

Article 9.
Installing and operating an automatic collection tool of personal information, including Internet access data files, and the denial thereof

9.1. This sites uses cookies to collect information about how the data subject use our site and provide the data subject with personalized services.

9.2. The functionalities for which this site use these technologies may include the following:

A. Assisting in registering for events, login and the data subject’s ability to provide feedback;

B. The data subject can opt of tracking by internet optional settings;

C. If the data subject refuse to cookies policy, the data subject may experience difficulties in using the service.

Article 10.
The privacy officer

10.1. Company designate the privacy officer who comprehensively takes charge of personal information processing.

The privacy officer
Name: Hong Ran-Hee
Telephone Number : 82-2-511-7194,

The department which performs the duties related to personal information protection and handles
Name: An Dae-Soo
Telephone Number : 82-2-512-9981,

10.2. The privacy officer will perform the following functions: To treat grievances and remedial compensation in relation to personal information processing.

※ Article 1 (Enforcement Date) January 2, 2019